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Seasonal Mixed Salad Leaves

Seasonal salad leaves grown without checmicals using regenerative farming practises. The 150g bag of salad contains a mix of seasonal leaves grown at Tewin Greens Market Garden.


Please wash before use. Although we don't use any chemicals on our land we do ask you wash the salad before eating.


To keep your leaves fresh for as long as possible we recommend washing them, then drying them in a salad spinner and then storing them in the fridge inisde a sealed container. Leaves can last over 1 week when treated this way.

Seasonal Mixed Salad Leaves

  • Please note we harvest our leaves on the day of pickup so they are as fresh as possible, this does mean that we need 24 hours notice if you are not able to collect your bag otherwise we will still have to take payment for your purchase. We hope you understand.

  • Please see collection date's on main shop page