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When I was 12 years old I lived above a pub that my Mum and Dad ran. The pub had a tiny garden, mainly concrete, and a small patch of grass. That year my Dad and I converted an old shed in the garden, into a makeshift greenhouse. We grew tomatoes in the greenhouse and Butterhead lettuce in a cold frame to the side of it. I would sell the lettuce to customers in the pub for about 25p each. I still remember the great pleasure of harvesting those heads of lettuce, proudly carrying it into the pub and presenting it to its new owner : )


Fast forward 28 years, and after a fairly long career in software development, not truly happy with where I was going, I came to the conclusion I had to make a change, I had to find a way back to the things that made me really happy. Growing vegetables.


3 years ago I started to retrain into the horticulture industry, developing my skills, my focus was around growing vegetables, using regenerative systems to produce healthy pesticide free vegetables. I spent time on my allotment, in kitchen gardens and working at a local farm in Ware (Black Grove Farm) building up my knowledge before realising that farming my own piece of land, on a small scale, in a regenerative way was what I really wanted to do.


Toward the end of 2020 I met the team at Tewin Bury Farm and they shared my enthusiasm for developing a small scale farm that could supply the local community. With their help and input we have been able to make this project a reality.


Tewin Greens is a 1.5 acre market garden set within the grounds of Tewin Bury Farm growing seasonal vegetables using no-dig, regenerative, organic principles.

Hope to see you soon



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